Dieting Korean style

I am a girl like 50% of the world’s population and as a woman I do recieve pressure from society to look a certain way. Being skinny, a size 6 that is the ideal in most parts of the world also being faire skinned (at least in Asia) since the population used to be farmers they worked outside and got a darker skin. The beauty ideal in Korea is to be extremely skinny and light. Some famous diets in Korea below;

  • The Banana diet
  • The Danish diet
  • The Sweet potatoe diet
  • Park Bom’s diet (6 small meals a day)

In the Western industrialized world the beauty ideal for women is to be skinny and have a healthy tan. In previous centuries society worshiped bustier and fuller women because a fat woman was a sign that she wasn’t poor.

  1. 5:2 diet
  2. LCHF diet
  3. Weight Watchers
  4. Calorie counting
  5. GI
  6. Paleo
  7. Flight attendant diet
  8. Alkaline diet
  9. Macrobiotic diet
  10. 7 colour diet
  11. One meal a day diet
  12. Babyfood diet
  13. Victoria Secret’s diet
  14. The Drunk diet
  15. Bleak diet

Many young girls and women are likely to have tried at least one diet in their life. It’s sad to me. Why does women have to abide the roles that most men put on us? To be seen as objects and sexual symbols in a time and place were equality and feminism is wellknown. It isn’t surprising then that eating disorders like anorexia , bullemia, body dysmorphic syndrome develop. And many women young or old might feel pressured to keep the weight of some even develop a manic state about their exercise.

The list of different diets is very long indeed there seems to always be another one around the corner. The key to healthy living is to eat a diverse diet, drink a lot of water and exercise a lot. Don’t forget your veg and fruit. Don’t focus on the weight look at the waisteline, muscles weigh more than fat. Girls should not be afraid of strenght training – we need it for our bonedensity later on in life.

♥쟈금은 안녕

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