Cusp of Energy

THE TAURINI PERSONALITY:  In many ways, people born on this cusp may be spoken of as eternal adolescents.  They are energetic convincing and prolific.  Whatever it is they do, they like to do it a lot. Because TAURINIS are also versatile, however, they may wear themselves out (along with those around them) by seeking to do far too much far too often.  They need to learn to limit themselves, and at least explore one avenue more thoroughly before moving on to another.  However when the dynamos born on this cusp are not actively pursuing something, they love to talk about what is going on around them.  Life without communication would be a dull affair indeed—those born on this cusp thrive on active verbal interchange and are usually talented at it.   Sometimes, however, such interchange becomes a one-way street, with the TAURINI doing all the talking.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs. Because the TAURINI personality combines earthy, sensuous Taurus traits with airy, more unstable and expansive Gemini ones, conflicts between physical and mental considerations may surface.  Sensation-thought types, those born on this cusp may lack a certain emotional sensitivity and not trust their intuitions enough.  For this reason they can mull over emotional matters excessively and at the same time seem rather cool or unsympathetic toward the feelings of others.  Because of their frenetic pace, TAURINIS are prone to burnout, both physical and mental.  However, they stand a good chance of achieving lasting success if they can develop self-discipline and direct themselves efficiently.

Jord möter luft gäller för personer födda i Oxlingarnas Cusp och denna kombination skapar en av de mest ungdomliga och aktiva cusper tecken av alla. De som är födda på denna cusp har bonusen att vara både fysiskt starka och mentalt kvicka, vilket gör Oxlingarna stabila och drivna samt smarta och kommunikativa. Dessa egenskaper ger Oxlingen möjlighet att anpassa sig till olika situationer och människor och ger dem en vilja att göra allt..och göra det mycket.

En som är född i Cusp of Energy påstås dras emot Cusp of Power (Vädur/Oxe)och Cusp of Prophecy (Skorpion/Stenbock). Medan Oxen sägs känna störst attraktion till en Kräfta och Vattuman så dras en tvilling till en Våg.

♥쟈금은 안녕

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