Eurovision 2014@Copenhagen

It would be funny and a big revenge for many if Conchita Wurst won for Austra. The number certainly stands out. The most funny lyrics are Cheesecake and Cake to Bake. Although the Eurovision is supposed to not be about politics, I doubt that Ukraine and Russia will be voting for eachother. Sad but true. What remains to be seen is how the remaining Slavic countries will be voting-do they dare to vote for Russia or for that matter Ukraine ? For the last few years Eurovision has become more of a political game than a pure entertainment show. Sadly to say. Besides Sanna Nielsen’s Undo, I think Finland has a good piece in their number. It’s nice to see that a majority of artists are females (apparently women sell more) internationally at least. Or am I wrong ?

Iceland 6th of May

Norway 8th of May

Finland 8th of May Denmark 10th of May

  1. Sanna Nielsen, Undo, Sweden, 6th of May
  2. The Common Linnets, Calm After the Storm,The Netherlands 6th of May
  3. Axel Hirsoux, Mother, Belgium 6th of May
  4. Sebalter, Hunter of Stars, Switzerland 8th of May
  5. Suzy, Quero Ser Tua, Portugal 6th of May
  6. Mariya Yaremchuk, Tick Tock, Ukraine 6th of May
  7. Tolmachevy Sisters, Shine, Russia 6th of May
  8. Can-Linn, Heartbeat, Ireland 8th of May
  9. Conchita Wurst, Rise Like A Phoenix, Austria 8th of May
  10. Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd, Rise Up Greece 8th of May
  11. Firelight, Coming Home Malta 8th of May
  12. Tijana Dapčević, To the Sky, F.Y.R Macedonia 8th of May
  13. Valentina Monetta, Maybe (Force) San Marino 6th of May
  14. Teo, Cheesecake, Belarus 8th of May
  15. Donatan & Cleo, My Slowianie (We Are Slavic), Poland 8th of May
  16. Tanja, Amazing, Estonia 6th of May
  17. Mariya Yaremchuk, Ukraine 6th of May
  18. Aarzemnieki, Cake to Bake, Latvia 6th of May
  19. The Shin and Mariko, Three Minutes to Earth, Georgia 8th of May
  20. Hersi, One Night’s Anger, Albania 6th of May
  21. András Kállay-Saunders, Running, Hungary 6th of May
  22. Paula Seling & OVI, Miracle, Romania 8th of May
  23. Mei Finegold, Same Heart, Israel 8th of May
  24. Tinkara Kovač, Round and Round, Slovenia 8th of May
  25. Cristina Scarlat, Wild Soul, Moldova 6th of May
  26. Vilija Matačiūnaitė, Attention, Lithuania 8th of May
  27. Sergej Ćetković , Moj Svijet, Montenegro 6th of May
  28. Aram MP3 , Not Alone, Armenia 6th of May
  29. Dilara Kazimova, Start A Fire, Azerbaijan, 6th of May

As usual there are 5 countries besides Denmark who are directly qualified for the Grand Finale the 10th of May in Copenhagen. Those are UK with Molly Smitten Dones, Twin Twin for France, Germany with Elaiza, Spain with Ruth Lorenzo and Emma Marrone for Italy. Who will make it to the Grand Finale on the 10th ?

  1. Armenia, 7
  2. Austria, 11
  3. Azerbaijan, 3
  4. Belarus, 2
  5. Denmark, 23
  6. Finland, 18
  7. France, 14
  8. Germany, 12
  9. Greece, 10
  10. Hungary, 21
  11. Iceland, 4
  12. Italy, 16
  13. Malta, 22
  14. Montenegro, 8
  15. Norway, 5
  16. Poland, 9
  17. Romania, 6
  18. Russia, 15
  19. San Marino, 25
  20. Slovenia, 17
  21. Spain, 19
  22. Sweden, 13
  23. Switzerland, 20
  24. The Netherlands, 24
  25. Ukraine, 1
  26. United Kingdom, 26

♥쟈금은 안녕

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