I #prayforKorea #prayforHM370

Sadness. Heavy heart. Crying tears feeling numb. Speachless without words. April has almost will soon end and Spring will pass once May arrives. In March the dreaded Malaysian flight HM370 was supposed to travel from  Kuala Lumpur to Beijing China, now missing for over a month. The Malaysian government has been criticized for being inexperienced and withholding information. The majority of the passengers were Chinese citizens.

After some time likely theories of the plane’s fate emerged , everything from hijacking to fuel shortage, bomb. It’s belived that the flight eventually ended up in the Indian Ocean close to Australia but so far no wreckage has been found. Some now seems inclined to think that plane has managed to land. But then where would it be, and has the passengers survived ? That depends on where the plane landed – if it landed.

  1. Andaman Islands
  2. US Military Air Base , Diego Garcia Maldives
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Taklamakan Desert, north-west China
  5. Langkawi Island
  6. Pakistan
  7. North Korea, my own speculation

In Korea the Spring and Summer vacations are upon us – as we speak. As well as wedding, marriages and honeymoons to the number 1 destination Jeju. On what should have been a regular Spring vacation for the Danwon High School students from Ansan a suburb to Seoul on a routine trip with HM Sewol ferry from Seoul to Jeju. On the 17th of April the ferry begun to sink with 425 476 passengers and crew, only 174 people were rescued and saved while no additional survivors have yet to be found. As many as 350 passengers were High School students, many people have now lost their lives.. most of them young people only teens. Relatives and parents are still hoping for a miracle and for survivors until everyone’s been found there’s still a slight chance.

A little 6 year old girl where among those rescued now it appears her parents and brother might have been lost to the sea…

Korea’s government and especially the newly elected female president Park Geun Hye has been criticized for not sending help faster.

♥쟈금은 안녕


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