The Unknown Kim Heirs

North Korea has just completed it’s supposedly first democratic election, what’s remarkable but not surprising is that the voting result was 100% with one single candidate. Kim Jung Un. He still loves basketball since he invited Dennis Rodman with some former top players for his birthday. Now when South Korea is preparing for Winter Olympics in 2018 he confesses that he also have a dream for a winter ski resort (in North Korea).

This is what life looks like for the Great Leader:

Has the world already forgotten about Kim Jung Il and his other children ? Maybe it’s just as well for the eldest son (Kim Jung Nam) who now seems to live a more than happy life in Macau. Kim Sul Song, Kim Jung Il’s only daughter, appears to live a secluded life although she supposedly studied in France.

Nowbody outside of Korea has supposedly heard of Kim Jung Chul, the second son of Kim Jung Il. According to reports he has achieved a low position within the Worker’s Party. Does North Korea’s future rest in the deposited and exiled Kim Jung Nam, or the unkown daughter Kim Sul Jong who despite studying in France acted as her father’s personal secretary. Is it even possible for North Korea to remain an autocracy -if not the Kim will lead the country who would be best suitable for such a great task ?

♥쟈금은 안녕

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