Blonde experience I

It seems my hair has redish undertones since I exprienced the process from very dark brown—angry red—hazelnut red and now finally something that I’d let pass as a Blonde shade (with brassy red tones though).

I waited another week in total 5 before I decided to lighten my hair more. This time I choose Schwarzkopf Extreme Blonde 1++ as I only wanted to lighten my hair further. So I applied the colour once kept it in for 30 minutes, didn’t notice much of a change so I repeated the process but allowed it to rest for 45 minutes. Now I noticed more of a change but seemed to brassy for me as it had turned from Hazelnut to Copper. So I applied the dye again keeping it for 45 minutes and checked again. Now the Copper Tone wasn’t so strong but since I read that brassy tones often is a result of not allowing the dye to rest enough— I applied the dye one more time. I kid you not.

Once another 45 minutes was over my hair had now turned into more of a Golden Blonde, more blonde but with orange tones in it.

My next step would be to lighten my hair even more to make it more of a Blonde blonde shade— with the possibility of a really Yellow Blonde mess. Therefore I have already bought a Platinum Blonde colour— since my hair is bordering on orange still I think the blue dye will cancel the brassy tones that still remains. I also have two different shades of Ash blonde one 9.13 the other 8.1 not really sure if I will use those. It depends on how light my hair will be once I add the Platinum dye to it.

Before I decided to cut my hair short I used to have naturally looking hair with curls. My hairdresser was hesitating if my Asian hair would take to it-it did. So now I’m venturing into colouring it and in this case bleeching it to make it blonde.

My natural hair is to dark and would not take to any other shade then black. So that’s why I need to bleech my hair to make it light enough to colour-– or get the right shade of blonde.

♥쟈금은 안녕

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