Colouring Experience so far part I

My reason for choosing something as daring– and maybe idotic as trying to make my hair blonde was that I decided that I couldn’t go for more ink and get yet another new tattooe. Instead I came up with the idea of trying to make my hair blonde….

The very first thing I did was that I googled and read a lot online I also saw many youtube clips. That’s when I realized I’d choose to do it myself instead of at my hairdresser.

You need a really good colourist for that and not many wants to try to lighten Asian dark hair. Plus the ones who’d agree will make you pay top dollar for it. Doing it myself meant I’d risk brittle hair, hair loss, hair breakage and having to put up with the wrong shade for some time.

I’d reason that it’s only hair if it falls off then it will eventually grow out, same as if I ended up with the wrong shade.

My very first purchase was a Loreal’s Extreme Platinum and then a Level 2 Toning Colour. I choose the colour Strawberry Blonde which appeared almost pink on the box. I begun by adding the colour and keeping it for 45 minutes then I checked the result. Since it seemed liked nothing happened I applied more colour and let it rest for another 45 minutes. After that I decided to colour my Hazelnut hair with the Strawberry Blonde hair dye.

The end result of that was a brassy mess, so the very last thing I did was that I applied somse Silver Schampoo plus Silver conditioner. Later in the evening I decided to apply more Silver Schampo so I repeated the process 8 more times. In total 9.

After 4 days I added a hair mask in my hair, the first time I rinsed it out after 15 mintues or so. And I also tried one more session with the Silver Schampoo and Conditioner, once every week. During the second week I started using the Colour mask twice and I kept it in over night and rinsed it out in the morning.

I almost forgot that I did some protein treatments to my hair, I used two different masks. One was with raw egg that I added in my hair and rinsed out after 20 minutes. The actual smell from egg was very unpleasing but I was surprised how much thicker it felt aferwards. The other was a treatment for my dry scalp so I added some olive oil and honey. I allowed it to rest for over 30 minutes before rinsing it out. It really made wounders for my scalp and my hair didn’t feel as dry. (This was before I had bought a hair mask from the store).

By the end of the 3rd week my hair resembled something between Hazelnut and Chestnut. Now I understand how Anne Shirley’s striking red curls turned green when she attempted to dye it black…

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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