Adoption in media vs. reality

Apparently it seems like it really helps if you’re a famous actress or just a well known person seen a lot on TV or in the media (not avarge Joe that is) Now it seems Friends actress Jennifer Aniston might be considering adopting a child.

Speaking of which remember when Chandler Bing and Monica Geller, actors Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox Arquette choose to adopt and ended up with twins? Or when Dr Quinn had to become legal guardian of Matthew, Colleen and Brian Cooper (not sure if she really adopted them)… and why not forget Little House on the Prarie where adoption were featured more than once. In one episode Mr Edwards & Grace chooses to get married so they can raise orphans after their mother died. Mr Ingalls & Caroline adopted Albert some time after their own son died. Mr & Mrs Oleson missed ther eldest daughter Nellie Olsen so much after marriage so they adopted Nancy to fill the void I guess.

What about the popular Greys Anatomy where Derek Shepard & Meredith Grey adopts little Zola ? Who could forget Ellen Paige and Michael Zera‘s debut on the big screen in Juno where two naive teens have premartial sex and where Juno soon goes looking for suitable adoptive parents. Once the baby is born she and her boyfriend and father of the baby seems to forget it ever happened and just move on with their lives.

Recently last year The odd Life of Timothy Green was released a movie that I never had to endure.

Who hasn’t read Anne of Green Gables as a little child and fallen completely in love in the story by L.M Montgomery? I for sure did – and yes I know it’s a story about adoption and I suppose I have every reason not to love it (as much as I do).

Personally I think there’s a big difference between domestic adoption and interracial/inter country adoption. It seems to me that the least harmful type of adoption would be domestic adoption because then the so called orphan (adoptee) wouldn’t be separated from his or her culture and forced to learn a completely foreign language…

Numer översvämmas media av sockersöta och ofta romantiska filmer där adoption är en del av handligen. Ja inte bara i filmer förstås utan även i populära serier så som Greys Anatomy, FRIENDs och filmen JUNO.

Sverige genomför ju väldigt sällan faktiska inhemska adoptioner om man jämför med t ex USA. För ett antal år sedan så införde Sverige en ny lag som accepterade homosexuella adoptivföräldrar – även om det bara var två par som faktiskt fick godkännande att ställa sig i adoptionskö. Hittills har inget land frivilligt valt att låta homosexuella par adoptera deras barn. Kina var ju först med att införa stopp för ensamstående att adoptera barn, väldigt många länder kräver ju som regel att adoptivföräldrarna är både kristna och gifta. Vet att Korea valde att sänka kvoten på adoptivbarn som skulle adopteras internationellt och i stället satsa på inhemsk adoption. För ett antal månader sedan så valde ju Putin att helt avbryta och stoppa ALLA ryska adoptioner. Vet inte exakt vad det berodde på men kanske hade det ett samband med Rysslands nya lag som helt förbjuder homosexualitet ?

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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