Romantic heroes

Almanzo Wilder tall and and strong, Gilbert Blythe young, naive but with a tender heart , Theodore Laurence impulsive and kind, Mr Darcy proud and cold at first glance, Colonel Brandon mature and wise.

Where can you find a guy like Almanzo Wilder, or a shy Gilbert Blythe, someone as headstrong and passionate as Laurie, or a proud, protective man like Mr Darcy himself, or a man as wise and patient as Colonel Brandon ?

Do modern men even resemble these romantic heros even a tiny bit ? I wouldn’t mind a man with qualities like they all share. A true gentleman, but when exactly did they become extinct and so rare ? Do they only exist in novels and fairytales these days…

A man with the right upbringing, and with a tender and sweet heart that is what I think I’d like. Looks can only get you so far, I’d rather have a kind natured guy with a genuine heart over a good looking jerk.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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