Olive skin

Since I have naturally dark Asian hair, like brownish black not black -black or bluish black but brownish black or black brownish maybe. I realized that in order for me to become lighter I needed to use colour lifting product on my Virgin Asian hair.

I used an extreme blondening product suitable for dark hair to remove the darker pigments from my hair. That part was very easy , now here’s the tricky part. I’ve spent the last 10 days trying to determine weither I’m a cool or warm skin colour.

This is what I know for sure:

  • my skin is olive
  • I have really dark eyes and naturally dark hair

I found many methods and descriptions on how to determine your skins undertone which didn’t work for me at all. Most people say you should look at the colour of your veins they would either be blue /purple or green then the blue or purple vein means that you are cool while green indicates a warm skin tone.

What made it a lot more difficult was that some even claimed that olive was a completely different hair colour on it’s own. But it really isn’t  the truth is that there are cool olive, warm olive and neutral olive. Most people or many will assume you’re a warm olive if you’re Asian. Yet it seems most people with Asian decent have a cool olive complexion and not warm.

Even if you’re a dark olive you can have warm undertones, cool undertones or neutral undertones. Fair olive with dark undertones, cool undertones or neutral undertones. Medium olive with dark undertones, medium olive with cool undertones and medium olive with neutral undertones.

I also know that if I tan (which I stopped doing) because I get extremely tanned and I don’t like it, I become very dark during the summer while I’m more pale during the late autumn, winter and early spring.

As far as I know the only colour that doesn’t suit me is a very dark bluish black and I don’t like yellow colours.

So if I’m a fair olive then I should be able to wear strawberry blonde, honey blonde , ash blonde or even platinum blonde. Should I be more of a neutral olive then I could get away with dark blonde and beige blonde.But if I’m a warm olive then there’s only option it seems and that should be golden blonde.

Fo remove yellow tones from blonde or bleached hair you should use a purple toner which means ash blonde and a blue toner (platinum) in case your hair is more orange than blonde. Should your hair bred you should look for a green toner (ash) same goes for silver shampoo use a blue silver schampo to remove orange tones and purple schampo to remove yellow tones.

In a little less than a month I’m thinking of bleaching my hair further or to remove the red tones using an ash blonde toner.Most likely I will bleach my hair again which should turn my hair from redish copper to more of a yellowish blonde. Then I should have to use a platinum blonde to neutralize the yellow tones or an ash blonde tone if my hair still is orange or red. Also if my hair should turn out to be more golden then it seems you should look for a pearl blonde toner to get the golden tones out…

In terms of what colours to wear I’m either a clear winter or a clear spring. Meaning that pastel colours usually looks flattering on me as well as more brighter and bold colours like fuschia, black and hot pink.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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