Body type diet: Pituarity.

Dominant gland: the pituitary gland.

Basic body shape: youthful-looking, with a small-boned body and a head that is somewhat large for her body size.

Weight gain spots: all over, not in any one defined spot. Weight may accumulate on the knees.

Food cravings: dairy foods and sweets.

Energy pattern: a morning person, with energy falling off in the evening.

Personality: very idealistic and intelligent, with a tendency to be reserved except with close friends.

Solution: Adjust your diet to more seafood and poultry. Drink much water and herbal teas, only cooked vegetables. Limit intake of eggs, red meat, whole grains and fresh fruit. Use butter or oil for cooking olive, sesame or canola and cold oils corn,or safflower. Avoid all dairy products but not butter, sugar and desserts, coffe, teas, soft drinks and alcohol. Fruit juices and fried fruits. Unnatural fats like margarine. Foods made of white and refined flour. Light lunch, small dinner, breakfast should be biggest meal.

Benefitial exercizes: yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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