Body type diet : Thyroid

Dominant gland: the thyroid gland.

Basic body shape: long-limbed, fine-boned, high waist, oval or long face.

 Weight gain spots: between shoulders and knees, including thighs, upper hips, and round waist.

Food cravings: sweets, starches, caffeine.

Energy pattern: up and down: energetic for a while, with a tendency to “crash.”

Personality: creative, lively, full of energy when “up.”  Tendency to be irritable or depressed when tired or stressed.

Solution: Drink a lot of water, concetrate on strength training. Eat less foods made out of flour, restrict your intake of red meat, eat more fish and lean white meat like chicken, turkey, beef , lamb and egg. Coconut oil and coconut, olive oil, raw butter, hazelnut, brazil and macadamia nuts. Good grains are:Amaranth,Quinoa,Buckwheat,Brown Rice and wild rice. Apple, apricots and banans as well as most berries occassionally prunes and dates. Allowed herbs: Black Pepper, Chilies,Garlic,Ginger, Cinnamon,Tumeric,Peppermint,Cilantro,Parsley and Rosemary. Any type of beans.

Recommended: Alfalfa,Artichokes,Avocado,Beets,Bell Peppers,Carrots,Celery,Cucumber,Leeks,Mushrooms,Okra,Peppers,Potatoes,Sea Vegetables,Squash,Pumpkin,Tomatoes,Zucchini.

Also try to avoid stress.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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