My Soul contracts

Karmic Lesson 4

People with number 4 missing in their names have karmic lesson number 4. These people tend to be confused about their career. They find it difficult to find an employment that is gratifying. This may result in an indifference towards work.

In their childhood people with karmic lesson number 4 have mostly had their opportunities thwarted by financial issues. When they grow older they become irresponsible towards work. They are irrational and disorganized towards life that makes it difficult for them to understand what they do best.

People with karmic lesson number 4 need to establish a disciplined approach towards life. They should lay a foundation for their life.

They look for solution to their problems outside of them rather than within. They start new jobs with the hope that it will be exciting but when it turns out to be only work without any glamour they turn away from it. They need to learn to concentrate and focus and be less frivolous.

If this number 4 features once or more in any of the other core numbers of this person such as Birthday, or Life Path then the effect of the karmic lesson number decreases.

Karmic Lesson 6

Those individuals who have number 6 missing from their name have this number as their karmic lesson number. On first impression people with this number seem as social climbers. People with this missing number do not like commitment. They are also irresponsible. Marriage and commitment to other personal relationships are things these people run away from. They should learn to be more open about their emotions.

These people feel lonely and isolated but have no reason for such a feeling. The reason for this kind of a feeling is that they very often form strong bonds with a person but remain heavily guarded about it. They show no affection towards them by concealing their true feelings and seeming cold. They also take the relationships for granted that in turn makes it superficial. Thus they should learn to work towards a relationship seriously.

They need to learn the importance of friends and value them. They should learn to give in a relationship and sometimes even sacrifice to keep their relationships intact.

Those who have this number once or repeated in their core numbers such as Life Path or birthday have the effect of karmic lesson reduced.

Karmic Lesson 7

A person who has number 7 absent in their name has karmic lesson number 7. These people are not able to handle their own emotions. They might feel that they have to limit their feelings in order to live.

People having karmic lesson number 7 in their childhood normally turn into introverts, and disconnect themselves from reality owing to their emotional turmoil.

When they become adults they could suffer from negative thoughts and give way to those thoughts by criticizing others. Many who have their karmic lesson number 7 might manifest some disease that is a result of their grief or irritation.

These people also do not possess the ability to master a specific talent. They also lack the determination to perfect themselves at a specific discipline. They need to learn to be their own critics but without condemning themselves.

They should also learn to not believe in things instantly and deepen their insight. Superficial understanding of all matters will only prevent them from realizing their potential.

The effects of karmic lesson is reduced if the number 7 appears once or even more number of times in a person�s core number such as Destiny number or birthday.

Karmic Lesson 8

Those who have number 8 lacking in their names have karmic lesson number 8. These people are normally able to do well in business and thus are able to bring in good amounts of money. However, they also have to go through ups and downs as they are not able to handle their resources properly due to lack of cautiousness.

These people are very independent and self-regulating and thus do not like to be told to do things and thus always have a tiff with the person who holds authority. This arises from a dogged behavior that thwarts them from understanding their limitations. In their adulthood these people tend to focus on the pursuit of money and status and leave behind valuable relationships. Thus they may seem shallow and materialistic.

These people need to know how to manage their money. It is likely that these people will possess enough money but will always have a tendency to spend it rather than save any of it. This lesson guides a person on knowing their boundaries, and also the need of limiting their expenditure. They also need to learn to be well-organized.

The effect of this karmic lesson number reduces if number 8 is present once or more number of times in their birthday, or destiny number.

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