My life

All my life has been a struggle, a struggle for something yet also a bit of a waiting game. But I’ve learned over my short years that I should never ever allow myself to trust someone completely or to be surprised when something bad or something I didn’t expect to happen happen. If they think I just quietly will walk away and just accept my faith then they couldn’t be more wrong. There’s always two sides to every story and it isn’t fair that they only listen to just one side. I might be rancorious with a short fue, but I never ever iniate something unless I’m provoked. I am going to fight for what’s right, stand up for myself and defend myself. I might be small, young and naive but I’m also determined, stubborn and with a fear for almost nothing.

Somehow I always end up alone, either people leaves me or its impossible for me to be friends with this or that person. Yet my heart keeps hoping that someday, someday it will be my turn to have a shot at happiness.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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