Alcaline vs Acidic food

This is not scientifically proven, yet some say that choosing a specific diet over another can and will determine weither you have a boy or girl.

The Alcaline diet mainly consists of cereal, meat and it is essential that you increase your daily intake of foods high on potassium and sodium while you should try to reduce your intake of calcium and magnesium such as dairy products like cheese and instead opt for foods that are high in calories like peanut butter and energy bars. Other things you can choose with a good concious are things like spinach, canned soup, salt, ham, apricots, beans, mushrooms, sausage, prepackaged meat, baked potatis with skin, squash and avocados.

The Acidic diet is believed to produce a girl instead of a son. And here’s what you should eat chocolate, fresh vegetables, fish and sweets and also dairy products. Basically foods rich in calcium and magnesium which you probably reduced if you tried for a son.

There are also theories that suggests having martial rights on certain dates relating to the moon might increase chances of boy or girl, while it also suggests its important when you have it – at what time. If you have it regularly and more often or on dates closely linked to the O days, weither the man or woman jumps on the train first.

Based on these suggestions I suppose I would be more inclined to have a daughter, maybe only daughters like my Korean mum because I do have a soft spot for dairy products like cheese and icecream. Yet I can’t live without a regular and hearty meal of meat…. What to make of that…

Please don’t sue me or make negative comments because I might prefer a certain gender over another. I know it’s wrong but it’s what I’ve learned while growing up and basically what society tell us today. The truth is I would love a daughter just as much as a son, I honestly would. Would I be able to chose though I’d prefer to have a son first before a daughter – that way he can play the protective big brother to his younger sister. See how nice I planned it – of course I know you can’t plan certain things.

Obviously this post was written with a huge amount of irony. 

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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