Womens’ fashion classy or trashy

I live in Sweden a country who is said to be one of the world’s most equal countries to live in – next to Norway that is. In some areas we still have a long way to go if you ask me – for instance in the professional and working world these days a lot of women chose or might even be forced to work outside the home part-time or fulltime. Yet we still don’t get the same salary in relation to chores and amount of work even though I argue that women can preform the same amount of work by doing it differently but ending up with the same end result in some male dominated professions that is.

Another area where there seems to be a huge gap of equality – if not ignored. That would be the fashion industry and womens’ clothing in particular. To summerize a woman’s wardrobe it’s figure fitting, even tight, low necklines and short hemps. Don’t get me started on womens’ underwear – why must it have cute bows, trimmed lace or have a cute floral or pink print ?  A man can choose if he prefers skinny fitting pants or more loose ones, and I dare you to try to find the same neckline on man’s shirt. For a man there seems to be only 2 or 3 accepted options when it comes to underwear, boxers, breifs and an occiassional thong.

Is women still seen as nothing but sexual obects when it comes to fashion, and yes sex might sell because we still live in a patriarchial world. I admit I like to dress nicely in clothes that fits me (the right size) and I like to follow the latest trends (some of them) and I can’t help to colour cordinate or cordinate my outfits well in advance in my head. I like to wear high heeled shoes whenever I can but I know I could also opt for sneakers yet if a woman choses to wear more masciline clothes she will get a wrong label and it might get really bad should she chose to shop for clothes in the male section or in male stores. But it’s true that a woman has more options as long as she accepts that it’s going to befigured fitting, see through, thin fabric and short and tight. Then she can opt for pants, shorts, skirts and dresses should she want to.

This fashion separation starts early in the childhood even – look into any kids section and you’ll see loose fitting clothes in bold colours and bright patterns for boys. While girls are restricted to more somber and cute colours with floral patterns. It’s the same thing in the toy store and don’t get me started on commercials.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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