Omma if only I could tell you…

내가 당신에게 말할 수있는 경우에만…

How I wish I could tell you, phone you or write to you to tell you a little about my life. It’s finally looking like I’ll finally be getting some sunshine in my life. But why am I so scared when happiness literarilly could be just around the corner? I can sense it happening now, in every inch every sense of my body.

But even though I’d like to fall inlove (one day) I know that happiness is not defined by any boy or a by not even the boy. Or maybe I should say man. Love can come in many shapes and forms and chances are that some may find their hearts beating for someone of the opposite sex. And there’s noting wrong with that. At least not in my book.

Why is it so hard for men and women to communicate and understand each other..? And just how many compromises should one make just to keep someone in your heart and life? I am how important is it that my future spouse can understand my views and opinions about international adoption. Is it allright to have a separate life with your own friends and interests and is it essential that your spouse know of your political views and ideals?

I want to ask you this omma and if you can’t understand or help then surely someone should be able to because what else are sisters for…

I know the difference between desire and love or at least I’d like to think so and I really hope I do.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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