Korea’s new challenge

Apparently South Korea is faced with a new kind of problem that makes a majority of couples indecissive about weither or not to get a second child or choose to spend their savings and income on a good education for their firstborn. This has lead to a decreasing national birth rate which is worrying for politicians and state officials. Korea’s current birth rate is just 1,2 per family compared to Chinas 1,6 which used to be the lowest…

Now this would lead to a largely higher aging population and much smaller younger population, were the effects of such development is predicted to be noticed in 50 years or so according to experts. By 2050 it is also estimated that 4,5 elderly will stand in comparison to mere 1,2 workers according to OCED.

Now Korea is heading towards an unsafe future with a slowely aging society and will not only be known for its good education. Let’s not forget that Korea is a very competitive nation too, were parents spends a large amount of money on education fees and were they expect their children to attain a three or four year old university exam.

The increasing demand for a good university education has lead to decreasing quality of many educational programs were Korea used to be wellknown for it’s world leading education system with the highest scores in literarcy, math and science.

This is going to be a challenge to Park Geun Hye, who stated an official promise that she would expanding the state funded childcare, while also cutting the tutution fees by 50 %.

Not to long ago Korean families usually consisted of 2 children per household, were the optional thing was to have a son and a daughter. All of my older sisters each have two children, because that’s expected.

You get a son because you have to and a daughter for the mother.

I believe that the time when Koreans used to have more than 2 children are ending slowely and, families like mine consisting of not 2 but 7 siblings excluding myself well become a thing of the past. Neither of my siblings recieved a good quality of academic education while my younger sibling has been the one who has been allowed a higher quality of an academic education. But even before this development my entire family had to share the responsability and actual cost of sending their sibling to university.

Will Korea once again revert back to being a one child family nation were a son is being the only child accepted ?

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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