What goes on behind closed doors

I recently stumbled upon an American show called Family Secrets or Familjehemligheter in Swedish, they feature a rich person who also is famous in some way, and very often those people have also chosen to adopt a child or two. Take Joan Crawford for example, Doris Duke, Billy Tipton , Mary Sheenan and so on…

In many cases (the ones I’ve seen so far) the dying person decides to change their last will prior to their death to either exclude or include a previous rightful heir or unknown child. One episode featured a family with a daughter born out of wedlock that had been adopted but who were included in the last will of her birth mother or father. In order for the heir to claim her inheritance she decided to disolve her adoption.

Joan Crawford decided to cut of her two older daughter and son which meant that only the twin daughters would be left as heirs. With the exception of one of them getting a much larger amount of money. In some cases they did indeed produce a will or testiment as Doris Duke did and previously she had adopted Chandi when she was an adult and she had had no children of her own (at least not that survived intil adulthood). The given heir would have been Chandi but she was excluded from testiment and Miss Duke even tried to disolve or unadopt Chandi.

How far would you be willing to go if you thought you’d have a chance to inherit and get rich ? Would it be more important to be accepted as an heir and not a case of the inheritance ? Mary Sheenan of Irish decent had no rightful heirs she wasn’t married and had no children. After her death a battle of inheritance begun with hundreds of claimants stating they were decents of Ellen Reagan from County Cork in Ireland.

Fortuantely we don’t have this problem in Sweden, these days a lot of people get pregnant without being legally married. But if you’re rich do think about making a will…

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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