Pros and cons about dual citizenship

Perhaps it was a good thing that I never actually went through with my application for a dual citizenship. Some things might not have been meant too bee…

I would like nothing more than too get a dual citizenship because it would be a proof of my ethnicity and belonging yet realistically that might have turned into more responsabilites for me than what I imagined.

The truth is my birth parents are really poor but they used to have a good life about 20 years ago or so. So the likelihood of them having aquired debts is fairly likely and I recently learned that you as an adoptee with reclaimed citizenship have the right for your inheritance if you can prove your parentage or is recognized as a legal child.

Although I’m not sure I would be you never might know… If I would be able to become a legal child and sibling to my birth family I guess it’s safe to say that would inherite nothing meaning big debts.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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