Matriarchial world order

The world is a patriarchy ruled by men for men , at least for the most part. The opposite of a patriarchy would be a matriarchy and although not so common it is apparently not a new found idea linked to feminism but rather a more ancient principle.

The earliest records of a matriarchy would be the Minotan Crete , the Nair community in Indian Kerala and the Mosoe people or Na ethnic group. Yet the Mosoe women are responsible for all domestic chores whilst the men deal with livestock, fishing and slaughter.

A Mosoe family line is traced through the woman on the female’s side of the family. The oldest female is apparently known as an Ah Mi and has absolute power during her lifetime because she is the head of the household and responsible for the family members’ professons as well as bigger life decisions.

And the Mosoe culture have no traditional marriages but practices walking marriages Zou Hun , therefore there are no Mosoe husbands or wives. The woman and the man remains a part in their original families and the woman as well as man never moves in to form a new family. Any children born to a Mosoe woman becomes a part of the mother’s family and the father has no or very restricted responsiblities for his own child instead it appears as if he has more responsabilities for his maternal nieces and nephews.

I like the idea of walking marriages , maybe if people decided to just live with one another in a common-law marriage or as engaged maybe we wouldn’t have so many ugly separations or difficult divorces. Finding someone who loves you is hard enough if you ask me.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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