Golf & Grand Prix

Golf is an extremely popular sports where Korea has managed to become a nation to reckon with.

  • Byeong Hun An
  • Bae Sang Moon
  • Choi Min Gyu
  • Hwang Jung Gun
  • Jeong Yeon Jin
  • Kang Sung Hoon
  • Kim Bi O
  • Lee Danny Jin Myung
  • Kevin Na
  • Noh Seung Yul
  • Charlie Wi
  • Yang Yong Eun
  • Choi Kyung Ju
  • Shi Hyun Ahn
  • Na Yeon Choi
  • Jimin Kang
  • In Kyung Kim
  • Meena Lee
  • Na On Min
  • Seo Hee Kyung
  • Aree Song
  • Jennifer Song
  • Sun Young Yoo
  • Grace Park
  • Jin Joo Hong

And I think it’s safe too say that we will be seeing more young talents in the very near future although many of these listed golfers above are still in there 20s and 30ths…

Strangely enough Korea has been the host of Grand Prix for at least 20 odd years… but they still don’t have a driver to represent them.. . The Korean Grand Prix is a relatively large Formula One competition that is held annually in Yeongam and under the current rules the Grand Prix will be held in Korea and Yeongam until 2021…

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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