Family planning policies good or bad

According to the Human Rights one right all individuals should have is the freedom to decide the size of their family (meaning the number of children). It does make me wonder if the countries that has family planning principles – are these countries violating the Human Rights ?

I immediately come to think of China who has had a one child family policy since the 1970s. Then I remember (South) Korea, who has a two child family planning policy. China was forced to implement that rule when other countries raised alarms of its growing population. Korea belived the best way to become a industrialized country was to restrict the number of children per family. India is also indicating signs of becoming the country with the world’s largest population (some regions have implemented or thought of introducing a two child family policy. Interestingly, these three countries are all Asian and they share ther deep understanding that a son is worth more than daughter. China, India and maybe also Korea have a population where the majority is sons and the daughters are a rare minority (in some cases).

If you decide to have a second or third child you are penalized with a huge fee or loose the geconomic benefits from the government. In China there has been reports about illegal adoptions of Chinese children and forced abortions in the ast trimester(in some regions).

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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