22rd July 2011

Yesterday the 10th weeks long trial of the 22nd July was completed and the Norwegian court has not been able to make a final decision if the accused is sane enough to get a prison sentence or needs to be confined and given treatment. The injured, victims and their families wants the accused to be deemed as sane and given a long prison sentence without any likelihhod of been paroled or released. The Norwegian Oslo court will deliver their sentence the 24th of August.

  • The accused is guilty of killing 69 youths in a political youths camp
  • A separate event of a bomb in the government’s buildings killing 8 people

Would you believe such a person would be sane or insane ?

The accused has stated that he will not accept treatment and if he is judged insane he would try to get a re-trial. He said he would like to be given a death sentence but that that is not something that the Norwegain court ever will sentence someone to. At the best he could be given a prison sentence.

If he’s judged to be insane the treatment and facilities to house the accused will become a huge economical burden. The accused’s lawyer pleded for his client to be exonerated because he wanted to protect his people.

♥쟈금은 안녕♥

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