Eurovision favorites 2012

This is so “wrong” that it is right. Who says you have to be in your 20 -40s to preform !? Believe in yourself.

What can I say I like their image and sound and they always put on a big show, and they’re identical twins too. So what can go wrong ?

Reminds me of the Little Drummerboy and a scene from Santa’s workshop that’s shown on Christmas Eve.

I have a soft spot for Iceland and that ancient history…

This girl is cool, and I like French and Spanish.. it’s a bit boring with English songs all the time….

I seriously can’t help but too immidately think of Amy Winehouse…

Spanish always seems like a cheerful language although it does sound like they’re angry most of the time… Not the best show but a good song.

This song is much better then most of the entries…. Why it didn’t win or do well I don’t know.

And btw, I didn’t think Sweden had the best song, besides that would be partial of me… But we won… 

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